People may worship one God, but they don’t necessarily worship the same God

The word “God” is used across the world’s various monotheistic traditions to refer to the Supreme Being. Although all monotheists profess to worship one God, not all of them may have the same conception of God; their conception may be a projection of their own desires and not be based on scriptural revelation.

Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita analyzes how everything in the world is influenced by the three modes, which are subtle forces that shape the interaction between matter and consciousness. The modes shape people’s conception of God. By definition, God is one – he is the cause of all causes, the source of everyone, the being without whom no being would be possible (10.39). He is the source (10.08) and benefactor (05.29) of all living beings. But God as conceived by different people, even those people who profess to worship the one Supreme Being, may turn out to have very different attributes.

People in the mode of ignorance who like destruction gravitate towards a destructive conception of God. When their God hates those whom they hate, then that “God” is not the God of scriptural revelation. The resulting violence is caused not by their religion, but by their mentality. This is evident from the fact that terrorists often kill others belonging to their own religion. Whatever be the religion they profess to follow, those in the mode of ignorance use religion to rationalize their destructive mentality and conceive God as a vengeful destroyer.

Reacting to such violence, aggressive atheists condemn God as a delusion. What is a delusion, however, is God conceived contradictory to philosophical definition. If more people study, savor and share the philosophical understanding of God, the ensuing spiritual realization will raise human consciousness. Such God consciousness is the basis of enduring peace, within and without.

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