Perceive the way before you pursue the way our way is often unnerving. Much more unnerving is feeling so hopelessly lost as to think that there’s no way ahead. This happens when we are faced with a devastatingly discouraging lose-lose predicament, as did Arjuna (Bhagavad-gita 01.30).

Even more dangerous, however, is being so lost as to not even realize that we are lost. This happens with mumbling and stumbling drunkards who fancy that they are kings in their imaginary world. Something similar happens to us when we become intoxicated by materialism and pursue worldly success. By our unconsidered materialistic actions, we bungle karmically and entangle ourselves in misery, while dreaming that we will soon achieve stupendous things.

However, such dreams hardly ever materialize. Even the few who get to the top discover that the exhilaration is heartbreakingly fleeting. We crave for another peak to scale, wanting that exhilaration again; and we worry that someone may topple us from our present peak. Those who recognize the futility of such success sometimes end up feeling hopelessly lost, not knowing what to live for.

Gita wisdom protects us from all such misery. Before we pursue a way, it educates us to perceive the way to real happiness. We are souls who can find lasting fulfillment only in spiritual love for Krishna. By living in the Gita’s light, we can use our God-given dispositions and positions to serve and glorify Krishna, as did Arjuna. Then, if we succeed materially, by offering that success to Krishna, we relish a profound fulfillment that far surpasses the brief thrill of egoistic success. And if a material dead-end stymies us, the Gita’s spiritual vision reassures us that a glorious spiritual destiny still awaits us if we just persevere in devotion.

Thus, no matter what happens materially, we never feel lost, being on course spiritually towards destination Krishna.

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