Possessions can’t provide satisfaction – we need purification

Today’s culture indoctrinates us into believing that satisfaction lies in the possessions we don’t have. Indeed, the craving for such possessions is the fuel that drives millions.

However, even if we get those possessions, we still won’t get satisfaction. Why not? Because the craving doesn’t come from the lack of possessions – it comes from the mind that is contaminated by materialism, specifically, by the mode of passion. This mode is defined by incessant, insatiable craving (Bhagavad-gita 14.12). Even if we satisfy the passionate mind’s craving for something, it will soon start craving for something else. Living in passion sentences us to incurable dissatisfaction (14.16).

How, then, can we find satisfaction? Through purification. We need to purge our mind of passion and situate it in goodness and eventually in transcendence.

When our mind is purified, we see things as they are, undistorted by the world’s propaganda. We understand the Gita’s explanation that we are souls, who are eternal parts of the all-attractive supreme, Krishna. He embodies in full the attractiveness of the various objects that allure us. By becoming lovingly absorbed in him, we can find the supreme satisfaction. Even if we don’t yet have that absorption, the purified mind helps us stay contented with the conviction that Krishna has a plan for our life – whatever we need, he will provide, by his inconceivably perfect plan. We just need to use what we have constructively, in a mood of service to him.

How can we purify our mind? Bhakti-yoga is the easiest and swiftest way to purification. And it is so inclusive that it can channel everything, even our passionate mind’s craving for more. When we direct that craving towards Krishna – towards remembering him more, serving him more, loving him more – that spiritualized craving accelerates our purification, intensifies our absorption and heightens our satisfaction.

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  1. Possessions must be purified to get mental satisfaction

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