Purity reverses our mental gravity

Gravity refers to the force by which objects fall to the earth. Our mental gravity can refer to the force by which our thoughts naturally go towards our attachments.

In our present impure state, our thoughts gravitate towards worldly objects. But when we become purified, our thoughts will gravitate towards the all-pure supreme reality Krishna. Thus, the state of purity represents a reversal of our mental gravity.

As long as an object is in the earth’s gravity pull, it will gravitate towards the earth. To prevent such gravitation, it needs to be propelled upwards with concentrated, sustained force till it gets out of that gravity pull. Eventually, if it enters another celestial body’s gravity pull, it will gravitate towards that body.

Similarly, if we wish to prevent our thoughts from gravitating towards worldly objects, we need to determinedly propel our consciousness out of those objects’ gravity pull. Such propulsion is the essence of purification. The Bhagavad-gita (17.16) recommends purification of our inner world as an austerity of the mind.

This austerity is undoubtedly demanding. But the difficulty decreases substantially if we strive for it through bhakti-yoga practice. Such practice makes us increasingly aware of the presence of all-attractive, all-purifying Krishna – it is like placing ourselves in his gravity pull. Large distances separate various celestial objects, but not the world and Krishna – he is present in this world, in our own heart. So, we can place ourselves in his gravity pull even while being in the world’s gravity pull.

When we focus our consciousness on Krishna, we realize that his remembrance offers far greater pleasure than worldly indulgence. That realization inspires us to choose him over the world; we choose him initially with conscious intention and eventually with subconscious gravitation.

When we attain the purity that reverses our mental gravity, bhakti practice becomes effortless and joyful.

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  1. Nicely explained.
    Each and every word are valuable.
    The talk is a good inspiration to transit
    from material attraction to spiritual attraction.


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  2. Beautiful explanation, Prabhuji /\ 🙂

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  3. First choice by CONSCIOUS INTENTION

    Very nice phrasing.

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  4. Amazingly explained Swamiji.The analogy of gravitation is so perfect!Yes the phrase ‘conscious intention’ & ‘subconscious gravitation’is magical. THANKYOU for such thought provoking insights everyday.
    Pranam Swamiji!
    Hare Krishna!

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  5. KRISHNA BHAKTI solidifies your mental gravity

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  6. What a wonderful analogy! You have woven the analogy of gravity through the article like only a master author can. Thank you very much!

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  7. The beautiful truth you speak helps me be able to live each day. Thank you.Hare Krishna

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