Revelation is the foundation for the ultimate revolution

When social or financial conditions are felt as intolerable, people rise in revolution against the powers that be. Such revolutions can bring about dramatic political change in terms of the disempowered gaining power, but they hardly ever bring about any sustainable positive change in terms of people in general gaining peace and happiness. Why? Because power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Consider, for example, the aftermath of the Russian revolution, when communism became the ruling ideology. Though communist ideology held that power should lie with the people, still even in communist USSR, some people – the rulers – were more equal than others: the ruled. The rulers often had fabulous luxuries, while the ruled lived equally – in equal penury.

The only revolution that can bring about sustainable change is the revolution of consciousness – the revolution that changes people’s desires from grabbing to sharing, from selfish to selfless, and from material to spiritual. We can best bring out this inner revolution by harmonizing ourselves with revelation, the guiding word of God.

The Bhagavad-gita (05.29) indicates that God is our greatest well-wisher, and that knowing him as such grants us the supreme peace. When we mold our life according to his guidance, devotional contact with him purifies us. Thus, we are able to bring out the best within us, thereby making the best contribution without. Of course, for society to change, a significant number of people, especially influential people, need to harmonize themselves with God. That’s why Gita wisdom was traditionally transmitted to and through saintly kings (04.02).

Even if reaching such people may not presently be in our power, still Gita wisdom can help us find peace and fulfillment in today’s agitating and unsatisfactory environment, and, through our example and words, share that inner treasure with others, thereby spreading ripples of positive change.

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