See the “Yes” in the “No” to a “No”

Suppose a person driving on a road comes to a sign, “Road closed – take alternative route” with a pointer to that route. Those who still drive on the road marked close will be stopped by the traffic police.

Similarly, when we go through the journey of life, scripture gives certain proscriptions, especially against immoral sensual pleasures. If we still insist on doing those things, then our spiritual guides or the broader spiritual culture disapproves. If we obsess over such repeated no and resentfully think that we are being deprived of happiness, we miss the underlying scriptural yes to our quest for happiness.

Scripture informs us that we are eternal souls and that we can find lasting happiness by learning to love the all-attractive, all-loving Supreme Krishna. In that immortal love, we relish the supreme happiness. Unfortunately, the mainstream materialistic culture without and the mind within glamorize sensuality. If we let such pleasures infatuate us, then though we may enjoy a bit, we end up disappointed because our body’s capacity to enjoy sensually is limited, inescapably limited. Worse still, infatuation with such pleasures traps us in material consciousness, thereby keeping us away from the spiritual level of reality and thus deprived of the very happiness that we are seeking.

The Bhagavad-gita, while discussing sense control (02.54-72), stresses the positive – fixing the mind on Krishna (02.61). By focusing on Krishna and striving to redefine our entire life as a loving offering to him, we start relishing higher spiritual happiness and realizing how we are distracted from this happiness by obsession with sensuality. Thus, we gradually understand that in our quest for happiness, sensual pleasures comprise a no, being the wrong path. And the no to this wrong path is actually a yes – a yes to the path to the highest happiness.

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  1. Dear CCD Prabhu Ji
    Hare Krishna
    Dandavat Pranam Charan Sparsh

    Very nice.

    The very need to emanate conditionable innocent vulnerable Jivatmas, contaminate their consciousness with lust and its resonates and subsequent firm placement of them on powerful sin impelling platforms for delusion and facilitation of perverted gaming is itself not openly disapproved by Bhagavan Vrajendranandana Krishna, Lord Sriman Narayana and Bhagavan Anantha or Sankarshana.

    They have opted to simulate oblivion, attempt a complete chase after the souls fabricated for entrapment consumption and have it as their main mission to dissolve such situations of rebuke respectively, that can technically be termed as Spiritual Treason in contempt of the Jivatma.

    This very need for contaminated creation due to the existence of a deluding potency, a resultant of attentive affirmation by the powerful, pure and perfect Chit potency to Her Master / His plenary expansions over the Transcendental cognitive network manifesting as Jiva (an incomplete potency) and maha maya (a distorted potency) are aspects of resent the Higher and Highest levels of The Transcendence and only owned by Lord Maha Vishnu (the 9th level plenary expansion of The Supreme Personality of God Head).

    May such a situation where infatuating vulnerable Jivas is a core activity, that is derogatory to the exalted stature of The transcendence end, never to manifest again.

    Radhe Radhe

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