All glory originates and culminates in Krishna

We all want to be valued, recognized, appreciated. Living amidst the millions that crowd today’s metropolises, we may feel like an insignificant statistic.

Standing out among such insignificant millions are celebrities, who are repeatedly glamorized by today’s media-driven culture. Seeing their glamorization, we may feel that if we become famous like them, we will find significance and satisfaction. But whatever glory we may gain, it will be finite and temporary. If we base our sense of self-worth and our happiness on such glory, we will sentence ourselves to perpetual insecurity and dissatisfaction.

The Bhagavad-gita (10.41) states that everything attractive manifests a spark of Krishna’s all-attractiveness. This implies that whatever glory anyone has – that glory culminates in him. Those who think that their glory originates in them and terminates in them are ignorant. When inexorable time takes away that glory, they suffer unbearably.

If instead we train ourselves to remember that everyone’s glory is a fraction of Krishna’s glory, we can see all glory positively. Instead of making us insecure or envious, perception of anything glorious in anyone can inspire us to redirect our heart towards the whole, Krishna, whose fractional glory is capable of exuding such attractiveness. And that same whole is ever-present in the hearts of all, ready to reveal his supreme attractiveness if we just turn our heart towards him by practicing bhakti-yoga.

Moreover, we can meditate that whatever talents we have come from Krishna. Instead of seeing those talents as a means to acquire fame, we can see them as a means to serve him. Being pleased by our devotional disposition, he will reveal in our heart his glory, which is infinite and infinitely relishable.

Thus, seeking the glory that culminates in Krishna will keep us on the path to perennial satisfaction.

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  1. Hare Krishna CCD,
    Brilliant thought of the day.

    Thank you

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  2. Absolutely! And by reflecting that whatever talents we have are a but a small fractional part of Krishna, we feel humble.

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  3. HK

    Beautiful post ?

    Indeed all virtues and talents belong to him. If we keep meditating in this aspect some day our false ego may get contained ?

    Thank you

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