See the sufferings of the attached with compassion, not condescension

Shallow spiritualists see others with condescension; real spiritualists see others with compassion

Some spiritualists equate spiritual advancement with apathy towards all human emotions. When they see others afflicted by emotions such as agony at the loss of loved ones, they tend to look down upon the agonized as ignorant, attached, deluded.

Those with such a condescending attitude are shallow spiritualists, not real spiritualists, who, the Bhagavad-gita (06.32) emphasises, are profoundly empathetic. These spiritualists relish higher emotions in relationship with spiritual reality, ultimately with the supreme spiritual reality, Krishna. As they feel secure and satisfied in their experience of Krishna’s supreme love, worldly emotions can’t sway them. Significantly, this inner stability expresses itself as outer compassion, not condescension.

From their own past experience, they know how the absence of spiritual realization makes one vulnerable to affliction by material emotions. And from their present experience, they know how the presence of spiritual realization makes one transcendental to such affliction. Recognizing the value and the glory of spiritual realization, they feel inspired to share spirituality with others. Due to this compassionate inspiration, they empathize with the materially afflicted. Wanting to offer spiritual relief to those afflicted, they sensitively share the shelter of Krishna’s eternal love.

Spiritualists who view others with condescension are usually lacking in realization. Their spiritual advancement may be illusory and self-congratulatory – something that will be exposed when material upheavals hit them and they find themselves overwhelmed by the same emotions that they looked down upon in others. Or at best their spiritual advancement may be fragmentary; they are unable to see the connectedness of living beings as Krishna’s beloved parts and so don’t get that they are looking down on members of their own spiritual family.

By associating with real spiritualists, shallow spiritualists can gain genuine realizations and rectify their attitude towards others’ sufferings from condescension to compassion.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 06, Text 32

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Author: Chaitanya Charan Das

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