Some know at 9 what others don’t know at 59

Some people, right from their childhood, have strong spiritual inclination. In contrast, others, even when middle-aged or elderly, stay spiritually deadened, being captivated by worldly pleasures.

Why this variability in spiritual inclination? Because we all are at different stages in our multilife journey of spiritual evolution, wherein our biological age doesn’t correlate with our spiritual level.

Some souls may have had no spiritual exposure in their previous lives. Having lived materialistically in the past, their consciousness is like wet wood – spiritual exposure doesn’t spark within them any lasting illumination.

In contrast, some people may have already practiced spirituality in their past lives. In this life, they start not from scratch, but from where they had left off in their previous life (Bhagavad-gita 06.43). Thanks to their past spiritual impressions, they intuitively get it that worldly pleasures are temporary and unfulfilling and feel naturally driven to look for something beyond the material (06.42). As soon as they get some spiritual exposure, their consciousness ignites like dry wood – just one spark of spiritual exposure illuminates and animates them with irrepressible spiritual zeal.

Though Gita wisdom explains thus why spiritual inclinations vary among different people, it simultaneously stresses that everyone is inherently spiritual. In our essential identity, we all are souls who are constitutionally spiritual. What varies among us is the conductivity of our body-mind vehicle for expressing that spirituality. Nonetheless, that conductivity can be increased by systematic spiritual contact.

How can such contact be established? By the initiative of both the receivers of spirituality and its sharers, or at least of its sharers. Receivers need to be open to exploring more meaningful worldviews. And sharers need to present spirituality so appealingly that people feel inspired to explore it, thereby starting off if they are beginners and zooming off if they are veterans.

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