Spiritual knowledge makes us far-sighted and deep-sighted

To be far-sighted means to prepare for our long-term future. To be deep-sighted means to address issues at levels deeper than the surface level.

Gita wisdom helps us become both far-sighted and deep-sighted.

Far-sighted: We usually function with a materialistic conception of life, wherein we seek worldly pleasures that last at the most till the end of this brief lifetime. But the Bhagavad-gita explains that we are indestructible souls who will exist beyond inevitable bodily destruction (02.13). With this far-sighted vision, we give due attention to nourishing our spiritual side, thereby preparing for our future not just in this life, but also beyond it.

Deep-sighted: We usually function to fulfill our basic bodily needs such as food, shelter and sensual pleasure. But we have deeper needs too: a need for meaning and purpose, and ultimately a need for lasting love. Gita wisdom helps us address these needs by explaining that we, as souls, are on a multi-life journey of spiritual evolution towards the all-attractive Supreme, Krishna. When we connect with him by practicing bhakti-yoga, the resulting bond of love continues eternally, thereby addressing our need for love. And bhakti practice infuses our life with lasting meaning and enduring purpose, because we redefine all aspects of our life so that they contribute to our spiritual evolution. With this far-sighted vision, when we address our deepest needs, we can better tolerate material upheavals that threaten our surface needs (02.14).

Becoming far-sighted and deep-sighted improves our relationships too. When dealing with people, we focus on their spiritual essence without obsessing over surface differences, deficiencies or defects. And we view ourselves with similar spiritual optimism – instead of becoming discouraged by our shortcomings, we stay encouraged by focusing on our potential for spiritual improvement. Thus, spiritual knowledge empowers us to bring out our best and others’ best too.

Think it over:

  • How does spiritual knowledge make us far-sighted?
  • How does spiritual knowledge make us deep-sighted?
  • How does becoming far-sighted and deep-sighted help us in our relationships with others and with ourselves?


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