Spirituality complements talent with temperament

Success requires not just talent but also temperament. Many talented people crack under pressure due to their weak temperament. While temperament has many components, its one defining characteristic is the ability to keep things in perspective, to not let the heat of the moment distract us.

Gita wisdom helps us to hold on to our perspective by expanding as well as concentrating our vision. It expands our vision by helping us understand that our core self is inviolable – we are eternal souls who are indestructible by anything material. We have an existence far greater than even the entire lifespan of our physical bodies, what to speak of any particular moment within this life. When we start feeling daunted by a big moment, we can remember that we have lived through many momentous-seeming moments. By thus keeping the big picture in mind, we can avoid getting crushed or carried away by the moment.

Simultaneously, Gita wisdom concentrates our vision by redefining the present as an opportunity for expressing immortal love. As conscious beings, the longing to love and be loved is our deepest longing. When we work motivated by love, we feel inspired to do our best as an offering of our love.

Pure love is best evoked within us when we direct our love towards the eternal all-pure object of love, the all-attractive Supreme Person, Krishna. When we direct our love thus by practicing bhakti-yoga and striving to serve him through our work, we realize increasingly that we are sheltered in his love and empowered by his omnipotence, as he assures Arjuna in the Bhagavad-gita (11.34). Being calmed and buoyed by this realization, we can offer him the best in all our activities.

By thus living in the security and energy of spiritual insight, we can develop an unflappable temperament, thereby translating talent into achievement.

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