Spirituality reveals that our destiny is bigger than the biggest adversity

We all work to build a better future for ourselves. Using whatever talents we have, we often dream of fulfilling our destiny by achieving something wonderful. But then life may devastate our dreams through one sweeping adversity. If we have lived with a materialistic worldview, considering this world’s gain to be life’s defining purpose, we will feel our destiny has been thwarted, that everything we have worked for is lost, that our life has become pointless.

How can we face such adversity? Can we achieve something that adversity can’t thwart? Yes, we can if we understand our spiritual essence. The Bhagavad-gita is a time-honored classic that outlines life’s spiritual side. And it reveals that our destiny is far bigger than even the biggest adversity. We are eternal spiritual beings and are parts of the supreme spiritual being, Krishna. As his parts, we are meant for a life of eternal loving harmony with him, wherein we use all our abilities and resources in his service and he fills and floods our heart with the nectar of unending love.

The Gita (06.22) explains that when we become absorbed in spiritual reality, we gain an unflappable inner calm that is not shaken by life’s adversities. Whatever we may gain or lose materially, the gain of inner absorption in Krishna that is so enriching and fulfilling that nothing else can make us crave in dissatisfaction.

Being thus internally secure and satisfied, we can work with greater clarity and effectiveness to do justice to our potentials and fulfill our outer destiny in this world, making the contributions that we are meant to make. Even before we fulfill our destiny of attaining eternal life with Krishna, we experience in this very life inner contentment that keeps us stable, whether we gain outer achievement or not.

Think it over:

  • If we live materialistically, how can adversity thwart our destiny?
  • How can our outer destiny be furthered by pursuing our inner destiny?
  • How does spiritual realization keep us calm amidst life’s storms?

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