Spirituality transforms our journey into an odyssey

During our life, we sometimes go on journeys. But we may not realize that life itself is a journey. It is essentially a journey of our consciousness. Our consciousness frequently moves in many directions, being driven by various desires. When we understand that consciousness comes from the soul, which is eternal and which transmigrates from one body to another, then we recognize that our journey extends not just through this life, but also over many lifetimes. The Bhagavad-gita (15.08) states that the soul moves from one body to another, acquiring different conceptions of life, just as wind acquires smell. If the wind flows through a foul-smelling area, it acquires an unpleasant odor. If it flows through a fragrant area, it becomes fragrant. Similarly, the soul too acquires elevated or degraded conceptions of life based on its circumstances and associations.

Our transmigratory journey may seem pointless, for it is frequently directed by passing desires and random events. But when we become acquainted with Gita wisdom and become attracted to Krishna, our journey transforms into an odyssey – a long, eventful, often dangerous journey towards a glorious destination.

When we understand Krishna’s benevolent supervision of all of existence, we appreciate that the events in our life were not pointless – they were purposeful; they contributed, directly or indirectly, in orienting our consciousness towards Krishna.

As our appreciation of life’s ultimate purposefulness increases, we start feeling secure and sheltered even amidst life’s upheavals. Rather than seeing them as adversities, we start seeing them as adventures – adventures that impel us to go deeper into our relationship with Krishna. Knowing that he resides even now in our heart to guide us and that he awaits us at the end of our journey, we feel inspired to persevere in our odyssey, relishing devotion even amidst our commute through the world’s commotion.

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  1. Life is journey that generally ends for most of the poeple as they get trapped in MAYAJAAL

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