Spirituality unleashes our purity and our potency

The Bhagavad-gita’s concluding verse (18.78) depicts an imagery that transcends its battlefield context and highlights the empowering nature of its message. The verse declares that where Krishna and Arjuna are present, there, victory will manifest.

The underlying universal message is that where the human will, represented by Arjuna’s will, is harmonized with the divine will, there, success will attend. Indeed, the essence of purity is this harmonization. Impurity is nothing more than the desire for the soul to seek pleasure separate from the Whole.

Gita wisdom unleashes the soul’s potency for pure love. The Gita culminates in an enchanting vision of divinity: a God who pervades and transcends all of existence, a God who delights eternally in his own abode in jubilant pastimes of love with his devotees, a God who also resides in our own hearts to guide us through life’s ups and downs towards the spiritual perfection of pure devotion. Such an attractive vision of an all-caring God is complemented by an equally majestic vision of the self: an indestructible, inherently divine spark of consciousness that has both the potential and the calling for immortal love. That is who we are, beyond our frail physical shells that we presently misidentify ourselves with. The ensuing spiritual reciprocation between the soul and the whole is the purpose and pleasure of existence – that is what our entire life is meant to be re-envisioned for.

When we become animated by this inspiring vision of life as an arena for catapulting us towards eternal spiritual love that is our innate transcendental birthright, then we feel inspired to unleash the purity and potency that takes us beyond worldly distresses: first in our consciousness through our absorption in Krishna and then in our location too as we become liberated to his eternal abode, thereby attaining existence’s supreme success.

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