Tap the mind’s power – don’t be trapped by the mind’s power

We all know of powerful things that can help or harm. Consider electricity, for example. It can heat, cool, cook, transport and illuminate. But if we are careless and touch a live wire, we can be injured, even killed. Electric power is consequential.

Similar is the power of our mind. When the mind is focused, it can do amazing things – if we concentrate and persevere, many things that might have seemed impossible become possible. When the mind is focused, we can study something difficult for five minutes and understand it. When the mind is defocused, we may study for five hours and still not understand.

Worse still, a distracted mind can lead to not just under-performance, but also to self-destruction. It may prompt a student to drink once, then again and then yet again till they become alcoholics who ruin their career. Thus can the mind’s power trap us.

Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita (06.05) urges us to elevate ourselves with our mind and to not degrade ourselves. That is, it urges us to tap the mind’s power, not be trapped by it. The most effective way to break free from whatever mental traps we may already be in and to tap the mind’s power is to connect with the supreme power: the power of Krishna.

Whatever power we have to control our mind, we use it to focus our mind on Krishna. By that divine connection, we access his omnipotence, which enables us to control the mind better. And as he is all-pure and all-purifying, connecting with him purifies the mind of its base attractions to self-destructive impulses and indulgences. Over time, as we relish strength, peace and joy in our connection with him, our mind becomes calm and clear, thereby enabling us to tap it for our all-round well-being.

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