Technological progress can’t fill the hole created by spiritual emptiness

We all are inherently pleasure-seeking. Usually, we seek pleasure through stimulating objects in the outer world. Today, technology has given us access to stimulation from all over the world. Anyone with a smartphone and a high-speed net connection can access more sensual stimulation in a day than what most people a few decades ago could access in a lifetime.

With every technological advancement, we excitedly hope that the improved technology will help us find some satisfying sensual stimulation. But no matter how fantastic the technological progress and how feverish our search for stimulation, what we end up with is increased craving, not increased joy.

Why does satisfaction elude us? Because we are looking for it in the wrong place. We are at our core spiritual beings, parts of the all-attractive whole, Krishna. And we are looking for love, lasting love, that can be provided only by our eternal Lord, all-attractive Krishna. Whatever stimulates us in the outer world manifests a small spark of his supremely stimulating attractiveness (Bhagavad-gita 10.41).

Not knowing this and not being connected with Krishna, we get dragged by our mind and senses towards a parade of worldly objects, all of which are unsatisfying substitutes for Krishna. Technological progress makes this parade unending and keeps us searching endlessly. Through it all, emptiness keeps gnawing our insides.

To remove this emptiness, we need to connect with Krishna by practicing bhakti-yoga and invoking his presence within our heart. And bhakti is so inclusive that it can integrate technology too – we can use the same technology that alienates us from Krishna to access his online manifestations.

With or without technology, when we connect with Krishna through diligent bhakti-yoga practice, the resulting devotional purification gives us increasing access to his all-attractiveness. Being thus stimulated and absorbed, we relish the ultimate satisfaction.

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  1. Only KRISHNA BHAKTI fills th vacuum generated by technological emptiness

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