The choices you make make you

We make choices constantly. Often, we know that our choices are consequential, but we don’t realize how consequential these choices are. Because we think of consequences primarily in external terms, but there are internal consequences too and these are far more consequential. 

We may think of our choices like choosing a particular turn at an intersection while driving. But our choices are more like choosing the structure and design of the house in which we are going to live. These choices determine whether our house will be sturdy or flimsy. 

Our choices don’t just shape where we go externally; they also shape who we become internally — they determine the structure and strength of our inner house. Our inner house is made primarily of our subtle body which can be referred to in shorthand as our mind. We are essentially souls who are occupying homes made of our minds and our bodies. We often carefully choose the kind of food we eat, knowing it will shape our physical body. But we don’t carefully choose the kind of thoughts we entertain, the kind of desires we enjoy  and the kind of actions we engage in, forgetting that all these will shape our mind. And we do all these based on the worldview we have, that is, the faith we have. Pertinently, the Bhagavad-gita (17.03) states that we make our faith and our faith makes us, and thus we make our fate. 

By making wise choices, we make ourselves wise. By making firm choices, we make ourselves firm. By making spiritual choices, we make ourselves spiritual. 

When we understand how consequential our choices are, irrespective of whether they have external visible consequences or not, we become more judicious about choosing the components that build our inner home —  our thoughts, desires, actions, essentially our faith. 

Think it over:

  • With two metaphors, explain what our choices are like and aren’t like.
  • What shapes our inner home?
  • How can you ensure that your inner home is sturdier?

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