The defining characteristic of humanity distorted by ignorance is inhumanity

The defining characteristic of humanity distorted by ignorance is inhumanity

Both materialists and spiritualists consider humanity as the pinnacle of evolution. Materialists believe that humanity is the apex of a multi-millennia journey that began with a primordial soup. Spiritualists know that humanity is the peak of a multi-lifetime journey of the soul that has wandered through many species.

Either way, both materialists and spiritualists acknowledge that humans have a higher intelligence than other species. A distinctive feature of this intelligence is our humanity – our capacity for sensitivity, sacrifice and selflessness. Due to our humanity, we go against nature’s imperative for survival of the fittest and risk our lives for protecting those less fit than us – isn’t that what lifeguards or firefighters do?

Despite having this outstanding capacity for humanity, humans sometimes exhibit inhumanity that would put animals to shame.

Despite having this outstanding capacity for humanity, humans sometimes exhibit inhumanity that would put animals to shame. Humans abuse their advanced intelligence to manufacture ideologies of hatred and weapons of mass destruction that bring devastation and death in the lives of millions. The Bhagavad-gita (16.14) outlines such a conniving mentality that inflicts murder with cold-blooded glee. Such perversity, the Gita (16.0816.09) indicates, is the end-result of a manically materialistic mindset that believes the world of matter to be life’s be-all and end-all. The Gita (16.15: ity ajnana vimohitah) asserts that the cause of such horrendous inhumanity is ignorance.

Gita wisdom counters this ignorance by revealing the world of spirit, of endless love between our spiritual essence as souls and our eternal Lord, Krishna. The more people develop their dormant spirituality, the more the base tendency for inhumanity departs from their heart and the sublime tendency for divinity – life centered on the divine – awakens. It is in this awakening that our evolution attains its zenith; we attain godly virtues that enable us to do the best good here and attain the supreme good hereafter: eternal life with Krishna.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16 Text 15

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Author: Chaitanya Charan Das

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  1. Hiranyakashipu, Kamsa, Napoleon, Hitler: the activities of such men are certainly very great. These great demons gathered masses of people around them with the same attitude. Initially very few individuals desire to eliminate an entire race. It is through refined propaganda that the collective consciousness can be impregnated in such a way that many people resonate with the same idea. It crawls even deeper when evil has no face. McDonalds: 285 billion burgers sold. Slogan: ‘I’m lovin it’ Children are rewarded with a toy when ignorantly taking part in this cow killing industry. Our collective consciousness is flooded with these rewarding bells of Pavlov in favor of evil. But no matter how great the evil, it is completely dwarfed by the unlimited grace of Lord Sri Krishna’s ever expanding reservoir of eternal Love. Krishna is the Light that eradicates all darkness and evil has no chance of endurance in His divine Presence. Krishna consciousness is supra collective and leaves ordinary collective consciousness in the dust of Its Supremacy. One tiny bit of His unlimited mercy is enough to save us from the greatest of dangers and can change this entire ocean of material struggle into the size of a calf’s hoof print. How to receive Lord Sri Krishna’s unlimited mercy? In the Skanda Purana it is stated that ‘the holy name is so marvelous that immediately upon chanting It, the chanter attains the supreme destination.’

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