The Gita empowers Arjuna to win his inner war and enrich himself with wisdom

When warriors fight a formidable enemy, they often inspire themselves by dreaming of the wealth they will gain on winning. Similarly, when we fight the formidable forces of illusion, we can inspire ourselves by contemplating the wealth awaiting us – the wealth of wisdom.

In Krishna’s concluding words (18.72), when he enquires whether Arjuna has understood the Gita and overcome illusion, he addresses Arjuna with the appellation, Dhananjaya, which means the conqueror of wealth. This epithet has historical significance – Arjuna arranged for the gold that his oldest brother and king, the virtuous Yudhishthira, needed to fulfill a vital administrative obligation and devotional aspiration. Additionally, the usage of this name at the Gita’s conclusion has contextual significance. It implies that the winner of the outer wealth of gold can become a winner of the inner wealth of wisdom by understanding the Gita’s message.

In today’s world, as many countries become knowledge economies, we can better appreciate the knowledge-as-wealth metaphor. Just as wealth opens options inaccessible for the impoverished, knowledge opens options inaccessible to the ignorant. Whereas knowledge economies usually refer to technological knowledge as wealth, the Gita refers to spiritual knowledge as the supreme wealth. Whereas technological knowledge opens options in the outer world, spiritual knowledge opens options in the inner world.

The Gita explains that we all are indestructible spiritual beings, who are eternal parts of the Supreme Spiritual Being, the reservoir of all happiness, Krishna. When we develop our inner connection with him by applying the Gita, we gain access to inexhaustible, inalienable inner happiness. Being eternal and internal to us, this happiness is far more enduring and fulfilling than money can ever be – it is life’s supreme treasure.

Just as the Gita empowered Arjuna, it stands ready to empower us to overcome illusion and become spiritually enriched.

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