The heart of knowledge is the knowledge of the heart

Towards the end of the Bhagavad-gita (18.64), Krishna announces that he will share the most confidential knowledge (sarva guhyatama).

Confidential knowledge (guhya) refers to the knowledge of our actual identity as souls, knowledge that is unknown to most people. Krishna shares this knowledge in the Gita’s second chapter.

More confidential knowledge (guhya-tara) refers to the knowledge of the various processes for realizing the soul. This knowledge is more confidential because even among those who know about the soul, few know the proper processes for self-realization. Krishna shares this knowledge from the second to the eighteenth chapters.

The most confidential knowledge is the knowledge of the best path for self-realization, bhakti-yoga. Krishna, after having shared it earlier, throughout the Gita and especially in its ninth chapter, emphatically repeats it in the next two verses (18.65-66). Why is this knowledge the most confidential?

Let’s consider three reasons.

Firstly, it activates the innermost core of our being, the heart. When pure, the heart expresses the soul’s divine emotions. In the pursuit of transcendence, karma-yoga engages primarily the body; jnana-yoga, primarily the intelligence; and dhyana-yoga, primarily the mind. But bhakti-yoga, by triggering the heart’s latent transcendental emotions, engages our entire being, because body, mind and intelligence all ultimately follow the heart.

Secondly, bhakti-yoga takes us beyond the impersonal Brahman and the neutral Supersoul to the all-loving Supreme Person, Krishna – the rarely realized zenith of transcendence.

Thirdly, bhakti-yoga stimulates the innermost human and divine emotions. It infuses our spiritual quest with the energy of love, our heart’s strongest and purest emotion, and the even greater energy of Krishna’s omnipotent mercy.

Thus the heart of knowledge – the most confidential knowledge – is the knowledge of the heart, the knowledge of establishing the most intense heart-to-heart connection between the human heart and the divine heart.

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