The heart’s core is never hardcore

Hardcore is often the describer for people who are rigid and inflexible, convinced that their particular way of doing things is the only way of doing them. Such hardcore people, who can be called hardliners, exist in every field. In spiritual circles too, hardliners hold that there’s only one way of growing spiritually – all other ways are hell-bound.

The heart’s core refers to what is present at the core of the heart. The heart is the seat of emotions, and the most central of all emotions is love. Gita wisdom explains that our longing to love and be loved comes from our soul, and it is best fulfilled when directed to the supreme soul, Krishna. He is the soul of all souls (Bhagavad-gita 05.07). He resides in the hearts of everyone (15.15). He is the perfect object for fulfilling our heart’s core longing for love – from the perspective of eternal reality, he is the heart’s core.

And Krishna’s mood is not hardcore; he is remarkably inclusive in offering us ways to redirect our love towards him and thereby enter his world of eternal love. In Gita (12.08-11), he offers what can be called a descending ladder of love. Therein, he provides increasingly accessible levels for connecting with him. Best is if we can spontaneously absorb ourselves in him with mind and intelligence (12.08). If we can’t, we aren’t rejected or condemned; we can connect with him by conscientiously fixing our mind on him (12.09). If we can’t do that either, we can work for him (12.10). If we can’t do even that, we can work for some selfless cause (12.11).

When we adopt Krishna’s non-hardcore mood, as he recommends (03.26), and share spirituality with others according to their level, our heart, as well as the hearts of others, becomes enriched with his all-loving presence.

Think it over:

  • How is Krishna the heart’s core?
  • How is Krishna not hardcore?
  • How does our heart become enriched with Krishna’s presence?


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