The mind burdens us and deems as burdens those who offer to relieve our burdens

Suppose someone thrusts a huge burden on us. We will feel annoyed, even angered: “Why do I have to carry this?” But if we somehow can’t refuse the burden, we will carry it. Seeing us burdened, suppose some kind person offers to share or carry it for us. But then the burden-giver drives them away. We would feel infuriated, “Why are you making my life miserable?”

Unfortunately, that’s what the mind does to us, but we hardly ever realize what it is doing.

Suppose something has gone wrong in our lives. Soon, the mind floods us with negative feelings such as: “Life stinks. The world is so cruel. No one cares for you. You are good-for-nothing.” When we start feeling burdened by such thoughts, some well-wishers approach and ask us, “Are you ok? Can I do anything to help? Do you want to talk?” But our mind makes us see their offer for assistance as interference, impelling us to say something like: “I am ok. Just leave me alone.”

Even if the mind doesn’t rebuff other people, it certainly makes us rebuff our all-loving Lord, Krishna. Whatever burdens we are carrying can be best relieved if we turn toward him. When the light of his remembrance enters our consciousness, the darkness of negativity has to flee. But the mind makes us feel that the bhakti practices for connecting with Krishna are a big burden. And thus it keeps us burdened.

Empowering us to see through the mind’s shenanigans, the Bhagavad-gita (13.29) reminds us that Krishna is present in everyone’s heart, including ours. If we can remember that he is ready to help and if we reciprocate appropriately with offers for help from our various well-wishers, then our mind won’t be able keep us down for long.

Think it over:

  • How does the mind burden us?
  • How does the mind drive away potential helpers?
  • How can we see through the mind’s shenanigans?

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Tolerance empowers us when we focus on our purposefulness, not on our powerlessness
Tolerance empowers us when we focus on our purposefulness, not on our powerlessness
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