The mind is a maddening chatterbox – silence it by absorption

We probably know chatterboxes. Especially detrimental are chatterboxes who are also gossipers and pessimists, who speak negatively about people, about things, about us, about everything.

Our mind is that kind of chatterbox. It keeps passing comments about everything and everyone. While its comments are distracting, worse still are its negative comments about us, especially about our efforts for improving ourselves and becoming better human beings. Whenever we embark on anything challenging, the mind’s negative self-talk drains and demoralizes us.

An essential strategy for dealing with chatterboxes is neglect. If they get the slightest sign of encouragement from us, they will prattle on endlessly. If we just neglect them or, even better, get busy in our some engaging activity, they will fall silent.

Similarly, to deal with the chatterbox mind, we need to neglect it. Of course, neglecting the mind is much more difficult than neglecting an external chatterbox because the mind is inside us and we can’t move away from it. So, neglect needs to be complemented with absorption in something constructive. While any kind of absorption can silence the mind to some extent, the most powerful absorption is spiritual absorption, absorption in the supreme spiritual reality Krishna.

Ultimately, absorption in Krishna is supremely fulfilling, giving us such sublime taste that the mind’s chatter is seen as pallid and pointless. However, initially in our yoga practice for cultivating such absorption, we may not experience that satisfaction regularly. Still, contact with all-pure Krishna purifies us, thus changing our taste and, more importantly changing the taste of the mind. The Bhagavad-gita (06.27) states that by steady yoga practice, the mind becomes pacified, being cleansed of the passions that trigger it.

Thus, absorption in Krishna is the best way to calm and convert the chatterbox mind.

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  1. KRISHNA BHAKTI onlycan put spanner on mind’s maddening chatterbox

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