The mind issues checks that the body can’t cash

Suppose someone gives us a check that bounces. If that person issues checks again, we wouldn’t accept.

Similarly, our mind often issues checks, but the body can’t cash them because the mind’s checks are not rooted in reality. Thus, for example the mind promises us immense pleasure through sensual enjoyment, but the pleasure is colossally anticlimactic.

Purely at the physical level, the body’s capacity to enjoy is limited. The minds capacity to fantasize about sensual pleasure is not limited, but the body’s capacity to enjoy sensual pleasure is acutely and agonizingly limited. The mind can fantasize about food all day but the body can eat food for a very short time. The mind can fantasize about sex all day, but the body can enjoy sex for only a few moments, a few minutes at the most.

Eventually when we engage in the act of enjoyment, we stop not because we are satisfied but because our body’s capacity is exhausted. There is nothing more left for the body to keep pursuing the mind’s fantasy for enjoyment. The Bhagavad-gita underscores this when it says that the wise, knowing that sensual pleasures are fleeting and disappointing, refrain from them.

Similarly, all of us recognizing that the mind does not have adequate credit worthiness, need to refuse to accept the check that it issues. We need to instead turn towards Krishna and absorb our whole being including our body in the service of Krishna, and thereby we can relish higher happiness which – as Krishna is the unlimited source of happiness, the promise that he makes, the checks that he issues, they will never bounce, they will be fulfilled at the level of the soul where the eternal soul will eventually be united eternally in an eternal bond of ecstatic love with the eternal Lord.

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