The mind makes us spin like dirty laundry and leaves us dirtier

Suppose we put our laundry in a washing machine. After being washed, if the laundry ends up dirtier, we would be appalled. Before washing any other laundry, we would first fix the machine.

Our mind is like an inner machine that can make us spin like laundry. Here’s how. We are essentially where our thoughts are. We don’t just think our thoughts; we travel with our thoughts. And our mind is the generator of thoughts. Sometimes, it generates thoughts at a stormy speed (Bhagavad-gita 06.34). When we get caught in such thoughts, we get hurled far away from where we wanted to be. 

Sometimes however, the mind doesn’t hurl us away; it just whirls us round and round. This happens when our mind generates thoughts that are pointless, fruitless and endless. When we face vexing problems with no easy solutions, our mind keeps brooding on them, to no avail. After such thoughtless thinking, we end up more confused, more troubled, more drained. Desperately needing relief, we seek some pleasure that seems readily available. And such pleasure is usually impure. 

We all have some desires for impure pleasures that hover at the back of our consciousness. Thus, we are already like dirty laundry. And when we are spun around by the mind, the resulting exasperation and exhaustion make us seek relief in that impure indulgence, thus making us more impure. 

Understanding how our mind can delude and degrade us, we need to give top priority to fixing our mind before trying to think our way through any perplexing problem. How can we fix our mind? By fixing our thoughts on the one shelter that the mind can’t spin; the all-powerful Supreme, Krishna. Being thus internally fixed, we can seek the clarity and competence necessary for fixing external issues. 

Think it over:

  • How does our mind make us spin like laundry?
  • How are we like dirty laundry? How does our mind make us dirtier?
  • Before trying to fix perplexing problems, what do we need to do as a top priority? 


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