Things fall in place if we keep the mind in place

Suppose we come to our house and find everything out of place. We may start yelling at the person in-charge of housekeeping, demanding that things be put back the way they were. But if we become calm enough to hear them, they may inform us that they are renovating the room. And if we wait, we find that the things were put out of place only to be put back in a better place.

In life, we sometimes feel that nothing is in its place – none of our plans are working; people whom we trusted are betraying us; even our own abilities are deserting us. While such times are distressing, they become devastating if our mind goes out of place, making us panicky or paralyzed. When panicky, it impels us to over-react, aggravating our problems. When paralyzed, it obstructs us in our attempts to take remedial measures.

How can we keep our mind in place? By keeping it on Krishna’s plan – and, more specifically, on our purpose within that plan. Gita wisdom explains that we are souls who are eternal parts of Krishna and are meant to lovingly serve him in a lasting bond of love. He is our greatest well-wisher. He has a bigger plan that remains operational even when our smaller plan has fallen part. By his plan, he can bring good even out of the bad – we just need to do our part by serving him. The Bhagavad-gita assures that if we stay connected with Krishna, we relish a sublime peace that life’s upheavals can’t steal (06.07)

Thus, amidst reversals, if we keep our mind in place – in Krishna’s service – we will find that his plan will gradually become manifest, showing how things fall back in place, often in a better place.

Think it over:

  1. If our mind goes out of place, how does that make things worse?
  2. How can we keep our mind in place?
  3. What is the benefit of keeping our mind in place?


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