Think not how far the spiritual world is; think how close the Lord of the spiritual world is

Whenever we embark on anything challenging, our attitude determines whether we will persevere or quit. During our spiritual journey too, our attitude is critical.

What is a healthy attitude? The attitude of focusing not on the remoteness of the spiritual world, but on the proximity of Krishna, the most endearing essence of that world.

The Bhagavad-gita states that beyond this destructible material world exists the indestructible spiritual world (08.20), which is Krishna’s personal abode (08.21). Everything is situated in him, and he is situated in everything – and he can be attained by devotion (08.22).

Whenever we feel discouraged thinking that we are so far away from Krishna’s abode, we can remember that Krishna is always with us. He pervades all of existence (07.07); he is present in our own hearts (15.15); he is situated closer to us than our loved ones can ever be, even if they hold us in the tightest of hugs. The more we practice bhakti-yoga, the more we appreciate his proximity and mercy: in the past, present and future.

Till now, he has guided us through many lifetimes even when we were spiritually apathetic. Even now, while we are practicing bhakti, he is helping us on the path to him, despite our inconsistency and half-heartedness. Henceforth too, no matter how demanding the path ahead, he will always give us strength if we just seek his shelter.

When we thus contemplate Krishna’s untiring love, we feel energized to reciprocate by offering him our love according to our capacity. Thereby, we relish glimpses of his sweetness that awaits us in its fullness and richness in his abode. By such devotional contemplation and experience, we can persevere in our journey with Krishna in our heart to Krishna in his abode.

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