Those who overestimate their intelligence underutilize their potential

When things go wrong, we may appeal to Krishna for help. If no help appears forthcoming, we may doubt Krishna: “Why doesn’t he help me?”

The problem is not that Krishna doesn’t help, but that we demand his help on our terms. We overestimate our intelligence and underestimate his intelligence.

When faced with problems, we often assume that we know the solution. All we need from Krishna is to implement that solution. We want him to use his omnipotence to fix things up as per our plan. Thus we seek only Krishna’s power and not his intelligence. By thus overestimating our intelligence, we deprive ourselves of the growth opportunities hidden in problems.

Problems come upon us due to our own past karmic misdeeds. But Krishna expertly orchestrates problems so that they can also become growth opportunities. Provided we make the right choices, of course.

If we are to make those right choices, we need to open ourselves to Krishna’s guidance internally and externally. Empowered by his guidance, we can unleash our latent potentials as spiritual beings and grow.

In the Bhagavad-gita’s first chapter, Arjuna wanted to solve his problem on his terms. He wanted Krishna to support and implement his plan. But soon Arjuna realized that his own intelligence was getting him nowhere. So in the Gita (02.07) he surrendered to Krishna and asked for guidance. And thus he was blessed by Gita wisdom, which enabled him to discover his hidden potentials as a spiritual being, as a part of Krishna. By tapping into both Krishna’s intelligence and power Arjuna gained emotional and spiritual strength to use his abilities for individual and social wellbeing.

We too can similarly discover of our hidden potentials if we stop seeking Krishna’s help on our terms and instead open ourselves to his guidance. 

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 02 Text 07

“Now I am confused about my duty and have lost all composure because of miserly weakness. In this condition I am asking You to tell me for certain what is best for me. Now I am Your disciple, and a soul surrendered unto You. Please instruct me.”


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  1. Hare Krishan Prabhu Ji,
    Dandvat Pranam,
    Jai Srila Prabhupad!

    Thank you for this wonderful website & daily e-mails. Thay are very thought provoking, inspiring and helping me immensely to atleast understand the message of Bhagvad Gita. Your realization coming thorough your daily message are just so amazing. Thankyou so much for your wonderful service.

    Madhavi lata dd

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  2. So true and inspiring……..! Such awesome realisations can come only after purification and thanks for sharing. You are just amazing……..! All glories to H G C C prabhu

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  3. Very thought provoking. I seek blessings of Krishna to implement it in real sense in day to day life and never forget that Krishna mera hai aur mai Krishna ki.

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  4. hare krishna!
    Every article seems to dilute the misconceptions,define a right alternative as to how and why one should direct his love towards krishna.Every bieng influenced by the materialistic attachment seeks fruit in any endeavor he pursue,this article fantastically illustrates the same that we tend to use krishna and his omnipotence to achieve our aims in turn for the effort we devoted to please him by chanting his name and this action not only corrupt the reason underlying krishna consciousnes but also make the fiduciary relation we have with krishna prone to scepticism.

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