To become light-hearted, light your heart

The word light can refer to the illumination that counters darkness or the non-heaviness that characterizes portable objects. In the second sense, light combines with heart in the compound word light-hearted, which conveys a state of cheerfulness and liveliness.

The Bhagavad-gita’s setting demonstrates that its light engenders light-heartedness. At its start (02.01), Arjuna is heavy-hearted – he is crying, trembling, overwhelmed. By its end (18.78), he has raised his bow and is ready to fight.

What brought about this difference? The Gita’s light. To describe its knowledge, the Gita uses the light metaphor on several occasions such as 05.16 and 10.11. Let’s understand how this light brings light-heartedness.

When life’s vicissitudes induce within us negative emotions such as fear, worry, loss, stress or distress, our heart becomes burdened, and we don’t feel like doing anything. Our heavy-heartedness may be temporarily alleviated by pep talks. But it can be dissipated most effectively by the Gita’s light, which reveals a reality far bigger than the biggest negativity.

The Gita’s light reveals that beyond the world’s darkness, Krishna stands tall and luminous. He is our ever-present, ever-diligent well-wisher, who stays right next to us in our own hearts, eager and equipped to empower us.

Being thus illumined, we seek to connect with Krishna by practicing bhakti-yoga. By regular practice of bhakti-yoga, his presence becomes a living reality – indeed, it becomes life’s supreme reality. We become reassured by relishing the security of absorption in him and by relishing his indwelling presence.

And hearing the Gita is itself an act of bhakti, especially when done in the association of devotees. Hearing the Gita regularly imbues us with the conviction that Krishna’s mercy will help us cross over all obstacles (18.58). Thus, our heart lights in both senses of the word: it becomes filled with illumination and cheerfulness.

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  1. Prabhu, thanks for your wonderful articles. They are very encouraging.. They give me an impetus to dive deeper in Prabhupada’s books exp Bhagavad Gita As It Is.

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  2. Your heart will be lighted only by KRISHNA BHAKTI

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