To live life fully, leave life regularly – take breaks before life breaks you

Suppose we use a machine continuously without turning it off. If it’s not given enough time off, it will deteriorate rapidly. Downtime is essential for the machine to be functional and sustainable.

The same principle applies to us too, as we operate our body-mind machines. If we wear ourselves out too much, then we can’t function.

To live life fully means to be available at every moment in life to experience, to learn and to contribute. For thus living fully, we need to be available emotionally, intellectually, spiritually. And we become unavailable when we are bored, distracted, drained and so forth.

To leave life regularly means to get out of our daily life’s grinding routines and do the things that nourish our souls and rejuvenate us. The life we need to leave refers to the daily routines that center on our professional, financial and social obligations – routines that can over time become monotonous and sap our vitality, our life.

How can we leave our life? The most uplifting way is by turning to spirituality, especially bhakti spirituality.

Bhakti spirituality centers on connecting with the supreme spiritual reality, Krishna. That connection involves transforming the world and transcending the world, which correspond respectively with living life fully and leaving life regularly. 

When we have a service attitude toward Krishna, we serve him by transcending the world whenever we focus exclusively on him during our daily spiritual time and periodic spiritual retreats. And we serve him by seeking to transform the world, or at least transform our world, by acting with spiritual consciousness in our daily activities. 

For balancing between living life fully and leaving life regularly, the key is regulation. No wonder the Bhagavad-gita (06.17) urges us to stay regulated and connected while doing various worldly activities, assuring that thus we can transcend all distress.


Think it over:

  • Why do we need to leave our life regularly?
  • How can we leave our life?
  • How does bhakti spirituality integrate living life fully and leaving life regularly?



06.17 He who is regulated in his habits of eating, sleeping, recreation and work can mitigate all material pains by practicing the yoga system.

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