To master your senses, make Krishna your master

Suppose our boss is a taskmaster. He promises us raises, but hardly ever delivers those promises; he just keeps demanding backbreaking work. If we are intelligent, we will explore alternative employment.

Our senses are like a tyrannical boss – they make us crave and slave for sense objects, alluring us with promises of immediate and immense pleasure. But the actual pleasure turns out to be anti-climactic – though we fantasize about it for hours and years, it ends in a few minutes, even moments. If we are intelligent – and dispassionate reflection as well as Gita wisdom can enhance our intelligence – we realize that we will be better off seeking pleasure elsewhere instead of through the senses.

Just as a tyrannical boss may not let go of an employee from whom he can extract a lot of work, the tyrannical senses don’t let go of us. But if the employee gets employed with another boss more powerful than the earlier boss, then that earlier boss has to let go. Similarly, till we access some higher pleasure, sensual pleasure won’t let go of us or, rather, we can’t let go sensual pleasure for long.

Krishna, the all-attractive Absolute Truth is the source of the highest pleasure. The time-honored process of bhakti-yoga connects us with Krishna, granting sublime spiritual fulfillment and helping us resist sensual temptation. The Bhagavad-gita (15.07) states that we are eternally parts of Krishna – if we don’t act as his parts, striving to serve him, then we become shackled by the senses, which make us struggle for paltry pleasure in material existence.

When we make Krishna our master, striving to absorb ourselves in his practical service and devotional remembrance, the lure of sense objects fades. And gradually we become the master of our senses, expertly using them in the service of our eternal master.

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  1. Thank you Prabhu Ji 🙂

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  2. When we the “Fragmented parts” of Bhagwan sri Krishna ji bows before our Master Krishna, magnetic rays of eternal happiness are bestowed on us by Bhagwan ji.

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