To respect Krishna, respect the time we have carved out for Krishna

Suppose we are to meet someone who says they respect us profusely. But suppose they don’t turn up for the meeting – and that happens not once or twice, but repeatedly. If they don’t respect the time they have allocated for us, their claims about respecting us will start ringing hollow. 

Might we be doing something similar in our relationship with Krishna? If we have some basic piety, we would never say that we don’t respect God. Yet despite professing our respect for him, we frequently don’t respect the time we allocate for him.

Suppose we resolve to engage in some bhakti-yoga activities such as studying the Bhagavad-gita at particular times. However, at those times, we often let other things take priority, thinking that bhakti can always be practiced later. When we thus stand Krishna up repeatedly, we end up disrespecting him, even if unwittingly. 

To respect our time for Krishna, we can take three steps: schedule seriously, adhere diligently, reschedule only if necessary. 

We need to schedule time for Krishna as seriously as we would schedule an appointment with our favorite VIP. After all, isn’t Krishna the supreme VIP? Then, we need to stick to that schedule. If something else comes up that seems unavoidably urgent, we can ask ourselves: If I had a meeting with my favorite VIP, would I cancel it for doing this? Only if we would honestly answer in the affirmative, then that situation warrants rescheduling our Krishna-commitment.  

To be so serious about our time for Krishna, we need to be determined in our devotion, as are earnest bhakti-yogis (09.14).

When we thus respect the time we have carved out for Krishna, we gradually carve out a place for him in our heart. And his presence becomes increasingly manifest, making our heart supremely enriched. 


Think it over:

  • How may we unwittingly disrespect Krishna?
  • How can we respect our time for Krishna?
  • What happens when we respect our Krishna-time?



09.14 Always chanting My glories, endeavoring with great determination, bowing down before Me, these great souls perpetually worship Me with devotion.

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  1. Eye-opening article, Prabhuji /\

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  2. This is do deep Prabhuji. Thank you so much for such a wonderful message

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  3. Indeed Krishna is our Supreme VIP, whom we need to treat with all love and respect.

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