To see ourselves as spiritual is good, to see others as spiritual is better, to see everyone as spiritual is best

See ourselves as spiritual: When we face problems in life, we can respond more maturely and resiliently on understanding that at our core we are eternal souls (Bhagavad-gita 02.13). We are spiritual beings who are parts of the all-attractive supreme being, Krishna (15.07), and are on multi-life journey of spiritual evolution (07.19). Contemplating our core indestructibility and Krishna’s benevolence infuses us with stability amidst adversity.

See others as spiritual: Still, many of our problems come from our interaction with others, paradoxically, with those who are close to us. We need to see them as souls who, like us, are struggling with their conditionings. Even when they act inimically towards us, we need to understand that their conditionings are impelling them to act that way. By acting thus, they are unwittingly delivering us reactions to our past misdeeds.

Guided by such a vision, we respond to them not by retaliating, but by discerning how we can best further their and our spiritual evolution. When we see them not as objects for our gratification, but as partners in our evolution, we reconceptualize the purpose of our relationship with them. We increase our contributions in a mood of service and we decrease our expectations from them, thus making the relationship more stable. Indeed, those who see equally friends, enemies, neutrals and mediators are more spiritually advanced (06.09).

See everyone as spiritual: Going even further, when we see everyone as spiritual, we transcend the sectarian mentality that divides the world into conflicts based on various material differences. Those who see all living beings as spiritually equal are the topmost yogis (06.32).

When we see everyone as spiritual, we become channels of divine compassion, acting like our Lord (05.29), as benefactors of everyone (12.13).

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  1. Hare Krishna. Once again a wonderful and practical article. This roughly corresponds to kanishta, madhyama and uttama bhaktas.

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    • Many times your thoughts on the BG shloka arrive just when I need to remeber the philosophy. The spiritual connect is obvious Krishna is Gracious. During my high school years I used to say KRISHNARPANAM ASTU for everything. We receive Graces,loose close family members, suffer, enjoy.. everything Krishna arpanam astu Hari Om Tat sat

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  2. spirituality develops the conecpt of equality

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