To succumb to temptation is not just immoral – it is also irresponsible

Suppose a pilot drinks, and drinks excessively, before flying a plane. Even if some people don’t consider drinking immoral, it is irresponsible, especially when doing something in which lives of others are at stake.

Though we live today in an age of moral relativism, where people feel that moral and immoral are personal preferences, still everyone is expected to be responsible.

During the ride of life, our actions affect many other people around us. For example, if someone, if a spouse in a family succumbs to temptations and engages in adulterous relationships, then the consequences of that are in terms of a serious upheaval emotionally and maybe even practically for all the people involved. Families get ripped apart, children get traumatized and life can become hellish in the wake of the rupture.

The Bhagavad-gita (03.37) cautions that lust, selfish desire is like a voracious and vicious enemy that can consume our intelligence, our ethics, our sense of responsibility, even our humanity. Thus, we succumb to things that we would earlier reject almost immediately, but then become normal as our inner guards are devoured by the onslaught of lust.

By studying scriptures and by looking at our lives with the eyes of scripture, we can realize the potentially catastrophic consequences of sensual indulgence, and thereby guard ourselves to resist it. Thus, we won’t be deluded by the dangerously deceptive notion of moral relativism by which we rationalize that, “Whatever we are doing is not all that wrong.” Instead, we recognize that the responsibility that we have towards each other, towards our loved ones and towards ultimately Krishna, who is our supreme well wisher and benefactor, and in relating with whom we can find supreme satisfaction

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  1. GITA devotion alone can avoid all sorts of temptations

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