To tune out the mind, tune in to Krishna

Suppose we are hearing a radio program that is transmitting unpleasant noise. We would naturally tune out from that station to some other station.

We need to apply that principle to our own mind, which is like an inner station that transmits negative desires and emotions. However, whereas we can just switch off a radio, we can’t switch off the vibrations coming from our inner world. What we can do is that we can tune in to something better.

The best station to tune into is the Krishna station. He is present in our own hearts as the Supersoul and the more we become receptive to his transmission, the more we can tune out the mind.

In fact, the whole process of bhakti-yoga is meant to tune us to Krishna.

The essence of our inner tuning is determined by our attachments. What we are attached to, we tune into it automatically. We need to conscientiously observe what we are tuned into and change to a better station – instead of thinking of our default negative desires or emotions, we need to think of something positive and purposeful in our service to Krishna.

The Bhagavad-gita (12.09) states that by the diligent practice of bhakti-yoga, our attachment to Krishna will increase, and in fact our mind itself will become attached to him, as the Gita (07.01) has stated right at the start of the section on bhakti which is the central heart of the Gita.

The most effective way to tune ourselves to Krishna is a twofold plan of action: focus on whatever manifestation of Krishna that we feel most attracted to while also striving to practice the prescribed process of bhakti-yoga.

Thereby, as we become tuned to Krishna, the mind too will become tuned to him and we will become elevated and liberated.

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