We may be distracted, but we don’t have to be disheartened

When we try to focus on purposeful service to Krishna, our mind frequently distracts us. On being distracted repeatedly, we may get disheartened.

To avoid getting disheartened, we need to treat the mind like a child. And we – or more specifically our intelligence – need to be like a parent. The Bhagavad-gita (06.26) urges us to use our intelligence to refocus our mind whenever it wanders.

How can we strengthen our intelligence? With Gita wisdom. The Gita explains the futility and the folly of the many worldly things that agitate the mind. And it explains the glory and the beauty of Krishna, the supreme spiritual reality who is the source of the attractiveness of everything that attracts the mind.

Given the mind’s recalcitrance, the battle between us and our mind may seem like a lost cause. But we are not alone in the battle against our mind; on our side, we can have omnipotent Krishna provided we show him our eagerness by striving diligently to connect with him. Once we focus on connecting with Krishna, not overcoming distraction, we redefine success. We see whatever brief period we connect with him as our success instead of seeing the eventual disconnection from him because of the mind’s distraction as our failure.

Confident that Krishna’s all-attractiveness will ultimately triumph over the mind’s restlessness, we eagerly and gratefully connect with him whenever we can. By such repeated, regular connection, the mind becomes purified. It starts recognizing that Krishna provides far greater security, variety and joy than does anything material, thereby decreasing its opposition to connecting with him. Over time, it starts becoming inclined towards him, thus becoming our aid in our devotion.

When the mind thus comes over to our side, we can focus more and more on Krishna and relish increasing spiritual satisfaction.

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