We may fall down, but we don’t have to fall away

Falling down means that due to our past conditionings or present circumstances, we succumb to temptation.

In contrast, falling away means that we give up devotional service and go away from Krishna.

Falling down is something akin to a child’s falling while learning to walk. It’s undesirable, but it’s often unavoidable – that’s just the way learning usually happens.

Nothing can make us fall away except ourselves. Temptations can make us fall down but not fall away. Why not? Because temptations don’t keep us in their grip all the time. They come, they make us fall, and then their madness subsides.

What we do at this point is critical. If we keep contemplating on the temptation, we may become agitated for another round of indulgence. Or we may become discouraged and not even try to take shelter of Krishna, thereby making ourselves vulnerable to future temptations and the resulting falls. Either way, contemplation on the temptation causes falling down to degenerate into falling away.

That’s why no matter how badly we fall, as soon as we regain our spiritual senses, we need to contemplate on Krishna. He is not a wrathful God who will despise us for our fall. That conception of Krishna comes from our misinformed imagination, not from scripture. The Bhagavad-gita (09.30) reveals his enduring love: he considers as saintly even those devotees who act abominably if they persevere in devotional service.

If we give up devotional service, Krishna won’t consider us saintly, but he will still love us. We can never do anything that can make Krishna stop loving us.

By meditating on Krishna’s unfailing love, we can gain strength to rise quickly whenever we fall. Gradually we will learn to march on without falling. And finally we will attain his abode, beyond all falls.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 09 Text 30

"Even if one commits the most abominable action, if he is engaged in devotional service he is to be considered saintly because he is properly situated in his determination."

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The words will change us – provided we don’t change the words
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  1. Thank you pr for helping us to realize that relationship with our only eternal companion – Bhagavan Sri Krsna should be with love and not out of fear of punishment…,

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  2. Thank you very much prabhuji for your wonderful, beutiful, extradinary, unimaginable explanation with respect to my limited knowledge during the journey of my krishna concioussness……why i am saying all these things that this is applicable to me in practical way. That is why, i am geting inspiration from this quote..regain my conciousness & do the devotional service properly by your instructions

    your servent,

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  3. “Even if one commits the most abominable action, …” Krishna’s forgiveness is infinite like His love. However, the world’s thinking is trending toward no forgiveness for those who pretend to be great but turn out to be the worst when we review their actions.

    I’ve a question, if someone is really determined in their devotional service, why would they fall? Won’t mahamaya get aside and let yogamaya take the charge of such a soul?

    Lord Krishna says in the Gita, Arjuna great yogis fall too mamamaya duraritya. And therefore, surrender to Me, He says. So, does this shloka mean that it’s not necessary that the one who is determined in devotional service is also a fully surrendered soul? I ask this because why would a fully surrendered soul commit a mistake?

    Hare Krishna

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  4. very interesting explanation which clearly defines the difference between falling down and falling away.this clarifies that falling down is better than falling away.
    in falling down you are given a chance to rise again , but not in case of falling away. you may have to wander longer in the universe in case of falling away.

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  5. the words ” Nothing can make us fall away except ourselves ” self explains the famous phrase ” man is the creator of his own destiny “

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  6. one may rise, from falling down position more faster than the falling away position.

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  7. falling down is superior to falling away.

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  8. in case of falling down, one can fall down and then get up and then may again fall down and again get up.

    but in case of falling away, one will have to first align himself, may be by mercy, of maha bhagvat, spiritual master, devotee or by the will of SUPREME LORD and it is only after the alignment , he may be categorisde as fallen down to rise again.

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  9. GITA DAILY helps in our day to day advancement to spiritual platform.
    GITA DAILY links the relevant sloka to the practicality of our daily life.
    GITA DAILY unravels the mystery and the depth of the sloka with the day to day practicality in the explanation write up.

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  10. Amazing words. No word to thank you prabhu.
    Your article makes me understand that Krsna loves us so much and He is trying to help us in whatever way possible.
    Thank you very much for entrusting faith in Krsnas love

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  12. HK prabhuji thank u very much. Never in this lifetime i would hv ever been able 2 understand why krsna loves a fallen soul like me. 2day my question is answered in such beautiful words. Thanx. My understanding of krsnas mercy is extended 2day..i understand now that I cant do anything which makes Krishna stop loving me” can i reach a level where krsna wnt b able 2 do anything which can stop my love for him…. Ys

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  13. Whatever happens Krishna will not leave us so should we.

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  14. Hare Krishna Prabhuji ,

    A great article indeed and very encouraging for people who are beginning to realize the importance of Krsna Consciousness ..

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