We may go incognito, but we can never go invisible

When people want to surf the net privately, they often use the incognito mode. Yet they are not invisible to the internet service provider and sites they visit, who can keep track of their activities for their commercial purposes – as can tech-savvy hackers, for their ulterior purposes.

As aspiring spiritualists desiring to lead a principle-centered life, we have to battle with our lower nature. Amidst this battle, sometimes we feel allured to give in, especially if the indulgence can be concealed, somewhat akin to surfing incognito. Though we may be able to maintain a façade in front of some people, still the appearance of invisibility is an illusion. The Bhagavad-gita (13.14) indicates that Krishna’s eyes and ears are everywhere, indicating that nothing can remain hidden from him.

Of course, Krishna is not a vindictive God, but a redemptive God – his goal is not to catch us doing wrong for punishing us, but to help us set right our distorted lower nature. However, if we use our free will to pretend to be upstanding when degrading internally, then we send a message to him that we don’t need his help. Or if we need his help, it is to maintain not our integrity, but our show of integrity.

Gita wisdom offers us heart-warming insights into Krishna’s unfailing love. By meditating on that love, we can realize that his cognition and vision are for our good – we don’t need to be incognito or invisible from him. Remembering that he is on our side can inspire us to move from appearance to substance in our devotion. By humble prayer and determined spiritual practice, we can by his grace protect and purify ourselves of our lower nature – and gradually relish higher spiritual joys that render lower pleasures unpalatable and undesirable.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 13 Text 14

Don’t get back at God – get God back
To grow in devotion, focus not on emotion but on dedication
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  1. Thank you for sharing this post time when i needed it the most. It is true Krishna makes the arrangement for one’s spiritual upliftment.

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  2. Hare Krishna.
    In the same context I remembered a beautiful example given ‘Radha Gopinath’. There was good thought presented in a school, which said,’
    A black ant on a dark rock in a dark cave. Nobody sees but God sees.’ It meant nothing can remain hidden from God, Krishna, although it is invisible to one’s materialistic eyes.

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  3. Wonderfully explained Prabhu ji, Hare Krishna

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