We may trigger the inner light bulb, but we don’t power it

The metaphor of a light bulb is widely used to convey the appearance of an inner insight, as is depicted in cartoons with the pop-up image of a light turning on in a person’s brain. On suddenly getting a brilliant idea, we feel as if our thought-world has become illuminated.

Whenever we get such insights, honesty will prompt us to admit that it was not actually our brilliance, at least not entirely our brilliance. We may well have worked hard and long for tackling that issue, but the specific insight that resolved the issue was a huge leap ahead from what we knew at one moment to what we knew at the next. It was as if we received the answer fully formed in our mind.

Returning to the bulb metaphor, whenever the light turns on, we do need to turn on its switch. However, such turning on doesn’t generate the power; the power needs to already be present. Similarly, our endeavor in studying and analyzing a subject doesn’t generate the dramatic insight; it just facilitates that insight to reach into our brain and illuminate it. Where does that insight come from?

The Bhagavad-gita (15.15) indicates that the indwelling source of this extraordinary insight and indeed of all insights is God himself. He is present in our heart as the Supersoul. He can guide us to not just path-breaking insights in specific fields of knowledge but also to life-changing insights in the most essential field of knowledge: knowledge of our identity and destiny, knowledge of our soul and how it is a part of the whole, with whom we can delight in eternal loving harmony.

When we appreciate the source of the inner bulb and turn our heart towards him, we discover the greatest illumination and satisfaction.

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  1. The analogy of switching on the light bulb vs powering the light bulb is brilliant and helps us understand clearly that the source of all wisdom and knowledge is Krishna

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    • Thank you – yes, we all need to be reminded, in new and attractive ways, of the timeless truth that Krishna is the source of our abilities and intelligence.

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  2. KRISHNS BHAKTI only powers your inner light

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