We need mentors who understand our mind and who can help us understand our mind

Whatever be our specific inclination – which stems from the nature of our mind – that mental inclination presents distinctive challenges in our life in general and on the spiritual path in particular. While some tricks of the mind are universal, some are specific to particular mental natures.

For example, if we are intellectually oriented, then we need the guidance of spiritual seniors who are intellectually oriented – those who have gone through the challenges intellectuals face on the spiritual path and who can guide us about how to deal with those challenges effectively. Without such like-minded association, we feel misunderstood or at least un-understood – we may even feel isolated, embattled and threatened.

We usually look at everyone through our mind. But we need at least some devotees whom we trust enough so that we can look at our mind through them. That is, when the mind gives a particular opinion about things, we need people in whom we can sound off that opinion and whose opinion we trust enough to use it for taking a serious, critical second thought about the mind’s take on things.

The Bhagavad-gita (10.09) states that devotees dedicated to Krishna discuss his glories and enlighten each other in those glories. This means that they share with each other the light of Krishna’s wisdom and love, as it has illumined their head and heart.

The more we become thus illumined, the more we can distance ourselves from our mind, thereby learning to evaluate its opinions seriously. We can both curb its unhealthy tendencies and nourish its good tendencies. By befriending like-minded spiritual friends, we can gradually convert the mind into our friend.

When we are thus protected by friendly spiritualists externally and the friendly mind internally, we can joyfully and swiftly march towards Krishna.

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  1. Hare Krishna CCD Prabhu,
    Thank you for the Wonderful insightful wisdom, it continues to enlighten our understanding of the Bhagavad Gita and Krishna consciousness. The feedback from the Leicester sangha group on your daily posts is amazing and the group is very appreciative.

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