We will give in to outer drives unless we discover our own inner drive

Suppose we are caught in a crowd. We will be pushed by the force of the crowd and we may let ourselves get pushed if we had come on a casual stroll and didn’t have any fixed destination.

We similarly get pushed internally by desires in the mind, desires that are triggered by external ad-driven materialistic culture. And we let these desires become our drives if we don’t have any higher purpose.

If we don’t want to get pushed here and there and everywhere, we have to have our own push internally. The Bhagavad-gita (16.16) states that the consciousness of materialists gets pulled in hundreds of directions, and they get captured by a network of illusions, which drags them to hellish conditions. The way out of such a terrible situation is by one point determination, by cultivating a strong sense of purpose. In Gita (2.41) it is stated that, when we have one purpose then we don’t get shaken. We move forwards, and the spiritual path is determined by a fixed purpose.

When we gain the spiritual knowledge of the Bhagavad-gita, we become internally illumined and internally driven. We understand that we are souls, we are parts of Krishna, and whatever we are searching for, all of it and more will be found in its perfection, in Krishna; because he is the ultimate attractive source of everything attractive in this world. That understanding makes us determined to strive to connect with Krishna, and then we look at whatever gifts and resources we have been given, and use them for his service in a mood of contribution. That becomes our drive. Once we thus become internally spiritually driven, then the mind’s desires and the world’s allurements can’t distract us. And we move purposefully towards Krishna through outer contribution and inner satisfaction.

Don’t waste your pain
Satisfaction comes most reliably not by accumulation or appreciation but by absorption
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