What went wrong with the great materialist dream?

The great materialist dream is that happiness is found in material things:money, sex, TV, video games, 4G net connections. But today this dream finds itself punctured psychologically, sociologically and ecologically.

Psychologically, more people than ever before are succumbing to stress, depression, hypertension, addiction and even suicide.

Sociologically, corruption, sexual abusesand violent conflicts over trivial issues are on a rapid upward spiral.

Ecologically, super-disasters are no longer a doomsday prophecy; they are an imminent reality.

What went wrong with the materialist dream?

Gita wisdom informs us that its lethal error was to leave out the most important factor: Krishna.

This was precisely the blunder of the prototype of all godless materialists, Duryodhana, as is evident in his statement in the Bhagavad-gita (01.10). He assessed the strengths of his forces, who were mostly godless materialists like him, and those of his opponents, who were devotees. He dreamt of victory based on the material superiority of his forces. But he neglected the Krishna-factor – with fatal consequences.

At the dawn of modernity, godless materialists made a Duryodhana-like assessment of the world situation. They dreamt of victory over nature based on calculations of their material strengths, primarily the knowledge-discovering power of science and change-effecting power of technology. But they neglected the God-factor.

Humanity became enamored by this great materialist dream and abandoned its connection with God. Consequently, people lost their self-mastery and suffered psychologically, lost their moral compass and suffered sociologically and lost their environmental reverence and suffered ecologically.


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  1. Excellent exposure of materialistic reality. Hare Krsna thanks

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  2. Hare Krishna!
    Thank u prabhuji for this enlightening explanation of this excerpt. Your articles always inspires me in new ways providing a logical background to the things written in gita and help me to understand the faulty assumptions i make before getting induged in this materialistic dream.

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  3. Namaste Guruji…
    EXcellent way making a person understand the current scenario of world life without any thinking towards LORD KRISHNA, Invain people are bound by the plunderers which is coming now and then as a maya.

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  4. Jay ShriKrishna, namaste

    It is always so shocking and astonishing that the greatest granth/Epic is relevant in any age. These explanations of the greatest teaching of The Bhagwat Gita are one of the best and is a true treasure. I am always searching to learn for different explanations as there are so many scholars. This is the best as in it explains to a lay person like me in the easiest and understandable language.
    I can not express my gratitude enough.

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