When God wants to speak to you, don’t let your mind give him the busy signal

Suppose we have fixed a phone appointment with an important mentor. When they call at the scheduled time, suppose our aide tells them we are busy and prevents us from connecting with them. We would feel indignant at being thus blocked.

Our meditation sessions are like our appointments with the supreme mentor, God. The Bhagavad-gita (10.10) states that when we worship Krishna with a devotional disposition, he gives us the intelligence by which we can come to him. This verse implies that our bhakti practices set up a communication channel, akin to a phone call, between Krishna and us.

Whenever we connect with Krishna, we can sense his mystical inner presence as an ineffable something that makes us pacified, enriched, energized. Over time, we start sensing not just his presence but also his voice – an increasingly strong conviction about how we should move ahead through life’s inevitable perplexities and adversities.

Unfortunately, our mind is like the troublemaking aide who sends the busy signal to our mentor. During our meditation sessions, it diverts our thoughts elsewhere, thereby making our consciousness unavailable for receiving our Lord. When we let ourselves be thus distracted, we unwittingly send a busy signal to Krishna.

Because the mind is inside us, we often don’t realize how it is sabotaging us. We mistakenly think that meditation doesn’t work or that it is not for us. Regular Gita study helps us identify that the culprit is not meditation or us; it is our mind.

With this understanding, we can determinedly refocus whenever our mind wanders during our devotional activities. By thus striving to be available and attentive when connecting with Krishna, we will become increasingly empowered with a working connection with the supreme mentor and the wealth of insight thereof.

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  1. Hare Krishna,
    Pampho. Agtsp
    The analogy is quite interesting and appealing.
    This is what exactly happening in every service of Krishna’s.
    May Krishna help the souls like me to bestow the intelligence
    to be at his service eternally.

    Hare Krishna

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  2. So valuable message !!!

    Hare Krishna.

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