When the part offers its whole to the Whole, the Whole makes the part whole

We often feel a sense of incompleteness, a feeling that something is missing in our lives. Usually, we try to overcome this feeling by getting something from outside: wealth, possessions, positions and so forth. However, such efforts only leave us craving for more.

How can we feel complete? By connecting with the Complete Whole, the all-attractive Supreme, Krishna.

The Bhagavad-gita (15.07) states that we are souls who are parts of Krishna. By our constitutional nature, we are meant to love and serve him, and relish unending love and joy therein. Unfortunately, we are presently misled by our mind and senses into pursuing various worldly objects – a pursuit that is endless and keeps us endlessly restless.

We can never become independently complete – disconnected from Krishna, we can never be satisfied. But we can become connectedly complete, that is, by connecting with Krishna, we can relish the fullest satisfaction accessible to us finite beings.

Thus, the way to completeness is counterintuitive: not seek to get the best from outside inside, but to get the best from inside us and offer it to the one who is best outside and inside.

When we act in a mood of service to Krishna, offering our consciousness to him, he becomes pleased and manifests himself in our heart. And he alone can satisfy us – the capacity of all worldly objects to provide satisfaction is like a spark, whereas his capacity is like that of the sun, the source of all the sparks (10.41).

When we offer our entire consciousness to Krishna, he reciprocates by filling our entire consciousness with his supremely sweet presence.

Thus, when the part offers it whole to the Whole – we offer our entire consciousness to Krishna, the Whole makes the part whole: Krishna helps us relish completeness.

Think it over:

  • Why does seeking worldly objects not remove our feeling of incompleteness?
  • How can we relish completeness?
  • How can offering our whole to Krishna satisfy us?


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