When time becomes unfavorable, don’t become unfavorable to the Lord beyond time

We all go through phases in our life when many things go wrong. While going through such bad times, if we let our attitude go bad, we just make things worse. 

A particularly bad attitude is to blame God for inflicting those bad things upon us. Such an attitude cuts off our access to the resource we need the most amidst tough times: God. Gita wisdom asserts that he is not the cause of our distresses; he is the cure.

Why distresses befall us is a question with no easy answers. Using our intelligence, if we can find some reasonable, actionable answers, that’s helpful. But if no satisfactory answers are forthcoming, what can we do? The only healthy course of action left with us is to accept those bad times as something we need to go through; though their specific reason remains unknown, they are meant ultimately for our growth. 

Such acceptance becomes easier when we focus on the ultimate transcendence. Though God exists beyond time, he stays with us through all times: good and bad. As the indwelling Supersoul, he is always guiding our life-journey (18.61). We just need to surrender to him wholeheartedly (18.62). If we strive to surrender, we start breaking the inner negativity that keeps us distanced from him. The more we connect with him, the more a sublime sense of peace, power and purpose permeates our being. And we start taking small positive steps according to our capacity, while leaving the rest in Krishna’s hands. Because everything in the world ends, those bad times too will end. But going through them will have made us spiritually stronger, wiser and purer. 

By thus connecting with the Lord beyond time, we can navigate through bad times, till we attain a level of consciousness and ultimately a level of reality that is beyond all bad times. 


Think it over:

  • Why is becoming unfavorable to God disempowering?
  • How can connecting with God help us amidst bad times?
  • Has connecting with God helped you or anyone you know to weather bad times?



18.62  O scion of Bharata, surrender unto Him utterly. By His grace you will attain transcendental peace and the supreme and eternal abode.

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  1. Maharaj, please accept my humble obeisance.
    This purport / explanation from the Gita is a source of great inspiration to me. For quite a long time my younger brother aged 58+ (I am 60 years old) is suffering from acute Neurological problems known as Axonal Neuropathy / Peripheral Neuropathy/ GB Syndrome. God wish, I am the only care giver and look after him spending on an average minimum 6 / 7 hours besides going to office and other household work. I am late to office almost every day. Today I became devastated and very much distressed. I blamed God for all the misfortunes that “Radha-Krishna” has given me. No improvements, only hurdles after hurdles and I have to combat these situations no doubt with the physical and mental strength from God. I take the name of Krishna, chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra and also make my brother chant / say (not in beads) Hare Krishna Mahamantra and I wonder why there are no good days, only problems after problems. But today (21st May) as there being no improvement in his condition, and enough time being consumed for caring him – from bathing to feeding, I became distressed and fumed over God. I blamed “Krishna” for all my misfortunes. I could not control my anger and slapped my very dear only brother number of times, not because I have to look after him but for enough time being taken by him to get him ready from washing, bathing to feeding. And for this act of mine I am now repenting. But after coming to office and went through Gita Daily (I am a subscriber of Gita Daily) my mindset changed. The very words “When time becomes unfavorable, don’t become unfavorable to the Lord beyond time”.
    “We all go through phases in our life when many things go wrong. While going through such bad times, if we let our attitude go bad, we just make things worse.” Yes I honestly confess to you Maharaj, I had gone off the track with an unhealthy negative attitude. Circumstances compelled me to act in this way and many factors are involved including financial. I now pray to Radha-Krishna to kindly forgive me and give me good fortune with Good Days.

    Maharaj, once again please accept my humble obeisance.

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    • Thank you for sharing this personal experience so candidly. I pray that Krishna give you the strength to face life’s challenges.

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  2. Excellent- all your articles are very connected to real life situations. Thank you prabhu.

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  3. JAPA connects you KRISHNA all the time.

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  4. Beautiful and uplifting article!

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  5. Hare Krishna

    I really want to put forth unlimited obesciecne onto your feet and Supreme lord Radha-Krishna , I just want to say your posts anointed with absolute transcendental teachings has totally changed my life and life of others too …, this charity of yours to this world with the grace of lord and Guru is unimaginable and most exalted …

    I will upto my last breath and last drop of my blood will never stop reading these teachings , just keep spreading and never stop ….never …

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    • Thanks for sharing your heart in such a touching way. Humbled to know how Gita daily is serving you; yes, I too pray that I can keep serving through Gita daily lifelong.

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