When we become at home in Krishna, we go home to Krishna

When we start practicing spiritual life seriously, we aspire to attain the supreme spiritual reality, Krishna, by attaining his eternal abode, which is our ultimate home. Significantly, attaining Krishna centers not on relocation but on re-conceptualization. We attain him not just when we get elevated to his abode, but also when we reconceptualize our understanding of this world, realizing that it is permeated with his presence, including especially his indwelling presence as the Supersoul. Essentially, attainment of Krishna is the absorption of our consciousness in him.

Even when we attain his abode, we may not always see him – our services there may require us to be at places other than where he is. Nonetheless, we will always be absorbed in him. And that absorption is the essence of the spiritual world.

We can attain similar absorption in this world too. How? By making our intelligence convinced that he is the supreme reality and making our mind attracted to him as the supreme pleasure. When our intelligence and mind become thus absorbed in him, we are already living in him (Bhagavad-gita 12.08).

In fact, this description of seers (12.08) resonates with the Gita’s earlier prescription for seekers (08.07).  To attain Krishna, we need to remember him at the time of death (08.05). How can we remember him at death? By focusing our mind and intelligence on him lifelong (08.07).

Krishna is always only a thought away from us, for he is eternally with us as the Supersoul. When our mind and intelligence become habituated to thinking about him, we become at home in him. That is, we feel comfortable and happy when our thoughts return to him, just as we feel comfortable and happy on returning home.

Being thus at home in Krishna, we eventually go home to Krishna.

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  1. we must home KRISHNA in our heart and head

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