When we demand Krishna’s protection on our terms, we deprive ourselves of his best protection

When we face problems, we often pray to Krishna for protection. He always protects, but not necessarily on our terms.

If we demand protection on our terms, our thoughts oscillate between worrying about the problem and praying to Krishna, remaining more problem-conscious than Krishna conscious. That disposition of our consciousness conveys to Krishna: “First solve this problem, then I will think of you.”

Even if Krishna solves our problem on those terms, that solution would not solve our root problem: forgetfulness of him induced by our attachment to material things. This problem causes the perpetuation of material existence where we remain vulnerable to innumerable problems in one form or the other – most intractably in the form of birth, old age, disease and death.

These problems are meant to serve as impetuses to redirect our attachment from matter to Krishna. But when we demand protection at the material level on our terms, then we miss the opportunity for redirection of our heart.

If instead we focus our consciousness on Krishna even amidst problems, then we convey to him: “Whatever happens, Krishna, I am yours. Please guide me how I can best serve you in this situation.” Such willingness to accept Krishna’s protection on his terms fosters a devotional disposition towards him. This makes us receptive to the guidance he offers from within our heart, as he has promised in the Bhagavad-gita (10.10). That guidance calms our mind and clarifies our intelligence, enabling us to find the best way to deal with the problem. More importantly, through the reciprocation of our devotional submission and Krishna’s transcendental guidance, our attachment to him increases. That increased attachment is the best protection – it ultimately elevates us to the supreme safety of the spiritual world.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10 Text 10


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  1. PAMHO Chaitanya Charan pr,

    Another nice article. If you could answer the following when your time permits..
    I heard time and time again that when I face problems, I should in fact seek shelter of the Lord by praying him that he remove my problems, so that I could better perform bhakti yoga. Eventhough he may be residing in me as a supersoul and knows everything, when I ask him, in fact I am surrendering more to him. caturvidha bhajante may be for beginners. I am not saying I am not a beginner. certainly I am a beginner. I do understand your point of “remaining more problem-conscious than Krishna conscious” – agree. But how about I ask the Lordships to remove my obstacles, problems, so that I can concentrate or atleast desire to serve him more ? Draupadi mata’s case may be an exalted one or may be a pastime when she had to raise her hands for the Almighty’s interference. Is’t it she depending on him completely ? How’s that one should’t ask him for his favour ? After all, he’s my original seed giving father. If a child does’t ask his father, whom will he ask ?

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