When we discuss a subject close to our hearts, our hearts come close

Suppose we have to attend some talk on a subject that doesn’t interest us. And suppose even the speaker is apathetic and is delivering the talk because of some obligation, then very little meaningful connection happens between the speaker and the audience or between them and the subject

Similarly, when the Bhagavad-gita is recited ritualistically, often the reciter is interested in the donation for reciting and the sponsor is interested in portraying an image of piety. During such perfunctory recitation, hardly any transformational connection happens between the reciter and the sponsor or between them and the Gita.

However, the Gita itself exemplifies the opposite of such mechanical discussion – it is a dialogue between two close friends who both care deeply about the subject being discussed: dharma. So, their profound discussion turns out to be profoundly transformational, intensifying their intimate bond. Towards the end of the Gita, Krishna expresses his strong love for Arjuna (18.64) – a love that inspires him to share in the next two verses the most confidential knowledge. And Arjuna expresses his deep love for Krishna through his surrendered willingness to do Krishna’s will (18.73).

When we talk with others about a subject close to our heart, we give them a chance to come close to us. When they too are interested in the subject and open their hearts to receive what we share, the resulting discussion brings us closer to each other and closer to the subject.

Similarly, when we study the Gita with an open heart to know life’s deepest truths and when we learn it from those who love the Gita and Krishna, its speaker and goal, then our hearts get linked in spiritual love, and we all realize increasingly our closeness to the indwelling Lord, who is eternally closest to us.

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