When we realize our deepest identity, we fulfill our highest destiny

When we are born, we get a conception of identity based on our gender, complexion, dynasty, nationality. Associated with this identity comes a conception of destiny.

If we are born to highly educated parents, we are expected to get academic accolades. If we get those, we are lauded for fulfilling our destiny. If we can’t fulfill our expected destiny, society frowns at us. However, even if we fulfill our destiny, what comes next? Anti-climax. Life, with its boring and tiring routines, goes on. And we grow old, get diseased and die. Only to take birth again, get another identity and pursue another destiny, again and again.

Can we seek a destiny that endures beyond death? Yes, provided we realize an identity that endures beyond death. For gaining such realization, we need to peel through various layers of our identity, as we might peel an onion. Initially, we identify ourselves based on our body as, say, tall or short. Subsequently, we identify ourselves based on our mind as, say, sentimental or skeptical. Eventually, we identify ourselves as the consciousness that sees itself as tall or sentimental. Ultimately, we realize that the locus of this consciousness, the eternal soul, is a part of the infinite consciousness. Gita wisdom reveals this infinite consciousness to be an all-attractive, all-powerful transcendental person, Krishna. Thus, our deepest identity is that we are Krishna’s loving parts. The Bhagavad-gita (18.54) states that those who realize their spiritual identity become joyful – staying equipoised amidst worldly upheavals, they attain pure love for Krishna.

When our temperament is steeled by realization of our indestructibility, we feel inspired to express our devotion by translating our God-given talents into worthwhile achievements for Krishna’s pleasure. Becoming purified by this devotional disposition, we progress towards life and love eternal, thereby fulfilling our highest destiny.

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