Why long for a pleasure that never stays for long?

We are all by nature pleasure-seeking. And the world promises us pleasure in so many ways. The most hyped among all these worldly pleasures are sensual pleasures, especially sexual pleasure.

Despite the hype, the pleasure is so fleeting. Even with the best health and even with the most attractive partners, the body’s capacity for sensual indulgence remains limited, inescapably limited. We spend thousands of times more time longing for the pleasure than enjoying it. The pleasure itself ends in a few minutes and soon, the longing starts tormenting us again.

And torment it is, no matter how novels and movies dress it up with words like anticipation, excitement and thrill. The inner torment keeps us incomplete, dissatisfied, agitated. Like a goad piercing our heart, it impels us to run here, there and everywhere, if not physically, then at least mentally, hoping against hope for some pleasure.

Countering the misleading worldly propaganda, the Bhagavad-gita (05.22) reminds us that such pleasures are temporary – so the wise don’t delight in them. The moment in our life when we understand that longing for this pleasure is not going to make the pleasure longer, that moment becomes a defining moment. It redefines the direction of our search for happiness; we start looking beyond the sensual and indeed beyond the material.

Gita wisdom helps us spiritualize this longing by informing us about our spiritual identity and by connecting us with Krishna, whose very remembrance brings sublime spiritual satisfaction. The more we long for Krishna, the more we remember him and the more we feel satisfied. And this divine longing purifies us and decreases our from mundane longings, enabling us to move more steadily and swiftly towards pure love for Krishna, where our longing for happiness is fulfilled for the longest time – all of eternity.

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  1. Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    I knew this and have felt this but its only by your mercy that I am able to realize this.
    Thanks a lot for lending us the eye to Discover ourselves and for helping us realign ourselves with our real goal.

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